Speakers Bureau
Speakers Bureau
La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club provides a framework of resources to help our members apply their enthusiasm and expertise for greater good. We are fortunate to count among our members individuals of significant accomplishment and compelling international experience. These Rotarians have volunteered to share their educational and insightful stories through our Speakers Bureau.

To invite one of the following LJGT Rotary Club members to speak at your organization, club or community meeting (or for further information on speaker topics), contact inquiry@lajollagtrotary.org for guidelines and scheduling.
Louise Andres 
Presentation Topics: 
  • India, South Africa and Turkey: Experiencing other cultures and building friendships by staying in the homes of Rotary club members in other countries (Rotary Friendship Exchange).
  • Strategic Planning for Non-Profits
Steve Brown 
Presentation Topics: 
  • Afghanistan from 2002 to the Present: Afghanistan Projects and Activities
Click here for more information on Steve’s presentation topics. 
Antonio Grillo-Lopez, MD
Presentation Topics: 
  • Curing Cancer: The development, in San Diego, of a curative therapy for Lymphoma
  • Puerto Rico and the Spanish American War: How Puerto Rico became a part of the US
  • Puerto Rico and World War I: The story of the first shot fired by the US in WW I
  • DNA and the Origin of Mankind: DNA, Archaeology and Anthropology have defined the origin of mankind and led to a better understanding of the people who populate the “New World”
Brett Morey
Presentation Topics: 
  • Achieving Sustainability Goals at No Cost
  • Innovations in the Mining & Power Generation Industry
  • How Rotary Fellowships can Benefit Member Rentention
  • How Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship is Attracting Youth to Rotary
Fary Moini
Presentation Topics: 
  • Improving Education and Quality of Life in Afghanistan: experiences building schools, dormitories, and establishing connections with U.S. “Sister Cities” 
  • Iran Pre and Post Revolution
Sandi Rimer 
Presentation Topics: 
  • Humanitarian efforts in Ecuador and South Africa: A story of how San Diego County residents make a difference in the lives of the poor, homeless, totally disadvantaged people of these two very different countries All with the help of an international philanthropic organization.
  • The Purpose of Rotary in the 21st Century: An historical look at Rotary since its inception, you will hear one Rotarian’s view of what the future could hold.
  • Women in Rotary and their place in the Future: Women were allowed into Rotary July 1, 1997, and have made many contributions since that time. What has that journey been like and how courageous will women need to be to continue that effort?
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