Chair: Dianne Day & Erik Mjoen
Meets: 3rd Friday of the month, following the Club meeting, Marriott. (Date is subject to change. Members, please confirm with committee chair)
Youth Service projects acknowledge the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.  Following are examples of Youth Services projects undertaken by our committee.
Educator of the Year Award: LJGT Rotary Club honors four educators each year for their outstanding contribution to the personal and academic growth of students. 
Expanding Your Horizons: Our Club joins in a collaborative of over a dozen San Diego organizations to volunteer time and funds to stage an all-day free-of-charge conference for 500 San Diego girls in grades 6 -10, which encourages their interest in math, science, technology and engineering. Club volunteers are welcome for any of a number of tasks on the day of the event: Helping with registration and check-in, equipping mentor pairs with radio equipment and materials, helping presenters set up their classrooms, guiding participants to their next session, and event clean-up. 
USD Upward Bound: Provides an “I’m Going to College Gift Certificate” to first-generation and low income high school seniors who are entering college. LJGT Rotary Club contributes a gift certificate ranging in value from $35 - $50, depending on the number of seniors. Club volunteers are invited to the Senior Banquet to award the gift certificate to each senior. 
Interact Club: Composed of high school students at Preuss School who provide community service projects of their own and assist with our Rotary Club projects. 
Model United Nations: A LJGT Rotary Club program that involves students from San Diego area high schools in a multi-day simulation of the operation of the United Nations through discussion of current issues and simulation of an international event. 
Preuss Symphony Trip: Enables students from Preuss School at UCSD who may never have heard a symphony to attend a special concert by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall. LJGT Rotary Club underwrites the trip and is responsible for scheduling, managing and arranging the excursion with Preuss faculty each year. We also provide chaperones for the students as required.
Preuss Theatre Trip: Provides students from Preuss School at UCSD with the opportunity to experience a live professional theatre production and to interact with the Director, actors and crew of the show. LJGT Rotary Club underwrites the trip and is responsible for scheduling, managing and arranging the excursion with Preuss faculty each year. We also provide chaperones for the students as required. 
Rotaract Program: Introduces college level students at UCSD to Rotary by weekly meetings to plan community service and fundraising, with guidance from LJGT Rotary Club member. 
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA): TYLA is a District-wide event which presents training in leadership skills to college-level students. The weekend conference is held at an outdoor location where students from several schools have a shared educational experience, learning from guest lecturers, practical experience and informative talks. 
Salk Mobile Science Lab: A three-day biotechnology program serving middle schools throughout San Diego County. During the lab curriculum students conduct experiments designed to illustrate that traits are passed from generation to generation through a set of instructions called “DNA.” La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotarians can/have volunteered to assist teachers with teaching the three day lab. 
Service Above Self Award: A certificate is awarded monthly at the Club meeting to a student who improves his/her grades, performs community service and demonstrates ideals of Rotary International. A scholarship is awarded annually to a student at Preuss School for his/her college career. 
Sister Schools: Skype call video conferences have been arranged with students and teachers at the Preuss School and schools in Jalalabad Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to exchange information about school subjects, daily activities and thoughts about future plans for education and personal development.
Four Way Speech Contest: The Four-Way Speech contest is a district-wide competition in which high school students prepare and present a talk that applies the four-way test criteria to a situation of their own choosing and present it to Rotary Clubs.  Club winners advance to regional competition and a district winner is determined at the annual district conference. Rotarians work with local high school speech teachers (in our case, Preuss and La Jolla Country Day) to coach the students to improve their presentation. An award is given to the student who presents the best speech.
LEAD:  LEAD (Leadership, Ethics, And Determination) is a two-day conference at a mountain camp for 8th grade students to encourage them to excel at life.  Students are selected to participate based upon past leadership experience, future potential for leadership, ability to collaborate with others, service activities and academics.
Preuss 6th Grade Wild Animal Park:  120 sixth grade students experience an educational day at the wild animal park to participate in labs and learn about the environment and care of wild animals.