Chair: Dianne Day & Erik Mjoen
Meets: Third Friday of the month, after the Club meeting in the meeting room at the UCSD Faculty Club, 9500 Gilman Drive MC 0121, La Jolla, CA 92093.   (Date is subject to change. Members, please confirm with committee chair)
Youth Service projects acknowledge the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.  Following are examples of Youth Services projects undertaken by our committee.
Dance-a-thon:  October is anti-bullying prevention month.   Motivated to Act’s Multicultural Dance-a-thon took place on 10/14/23 and featured dance troupes representing traditional dances from Mexico, Ireland, Poland, China and Israel.  In between performances, local students and adults claimed the dance floor to show off their own moves, raising money for MTA to help prevent or reduce bullying in children.  La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club sponsored the event and provided many volunteers.  This event was led by Stephan Tako, CEO of Motivated to Act and a fellow Rotarian. *** View the photo album of our 2023 Dance-a-thon event. ***
Hands of Peace:  The program empowers young Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans to raise their voices as leaders of change.  An exceptional student, selected by Preuss teachers attends the Hands of Peace Conference.
Interact Club:  Rotary at the high school level is organized through Interact Clubs.  Our Club supports high school students at the Preuss School and University City High School who are involved in both self-initiated service projects and often participate in joint projects with the LJGT Rotary Club projects when possible.  These students also participate in Skype calls with Sister Schools.
Model United Nations:  The Rotary District 5340 Model United Nations Program trains high school students to be effective peace makers, negotiators and diplomats by debating current-day international issues that are presently being addressed by the real United Nations.  The 2 day conference is a realistic simulation of a UN General Assembly session and usually takes place at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at USD.
Preuss School Career Day: LJGT Rotary, Vocational Services committee, partners with the Preuss School to give 11th grade students the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced adults in their hoped-for career paths in short sessions, introducing or educating them in fields as diverse as engineering, law, medicine or finance. Thank you's from the students this year included:
"Thank you for taking the time to educate us on these careers. It was such a fun experience for all of us to learn and ask any questions we'd like." and "Thank you for coming to speak to us about your career and giving me and others a chance to explore new career paths."
Preuss School Career Day planning committee, 2021Preuss School Career Day, April 21, 2021 -- Organized by Nancy Gatschet, Chair of Vocational Services and Dr. Griffith, Executive Director,  The Preuss School UC San Diego
Rotaract Program:  Rotary at the college level is organized through Rotaract.  Rotaract members decide how to organize and run their clubs, manage their own funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects. The LJGT Rotary Club offers guidance and support and works with UCSD Rotaract as partners in service.
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA):  RYLA 2023 is a three-day District-wide conference held at Idyllwild Pines Camp that presents impactful training in leadership skills to Juniors in High School. Students who are outstanding school or community leaders with a strong service background are encouraged to apply.  At camp, students are inspired by a diverse group of exceptional speakers, make life-long friends through fellowship activities and discuss the ethical and social issues of today.  The students leave empowered and motivated to take on additional leadership roles and to find additional ways to serve.
Thanks to Rotary Club, there are 220 11th graders from the greater San Diego region that have had their lives changed forever! As each student arrived at camp, wild-eyed and uncertain of their upcoming adventure, they were assigned to a "Family" of 9 students and a facilitator.
The La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club sponsored 8 students from Preuss High School; two Facilitators, Rich Papike and Stephen Tako and Keynote Motivational Speaker Fary Moini who impressed upon the students the Power of One and how we can change the world with our actions.
Throughout the program, the "Families" would attend seminars, work on group development projects and even participate in athletic competitions. The students learned to dig into their own conscious to find empowerment and unity with all the new connections and friendships formed through this program. Many testimonies were spoken on the last day that were emotional and grateful for what Rotary has provided. All were so grateful from this amazing opportunity and many families are now better-off because of RYLA and the inspiration it continuously brings to young impressionable people.   *** View the photo album of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program. ***
Salk Education Outreach:  The Salk  Institute Education  Outreach  program remains  deeply  grateful  for  the  support of  the  La  Jolla  Golden Triangle  Rotary  Club.  This partnership makes  it  possible  for  the Salk Outreach Program  to continue offering  inspiring,  engaging science  learning  opportunities  throughout  San  Diego County.   *** View the photo album of the Salk Education Outreach program. ***
Salk Mobile Science Lab:  Each year the Mobile Science Lab travels to 20 schools all over San Diego county.  During the three-day curriculum students conduct experiments designed to illustrate that traits are passed from generation to generation through a set of instructions called DNA.  Students not only learn about the structure and function of DNA, but also the techniques that are used for DNA fingerprinting and to screen for diseases.  All the necessary equipment and a team of volunteers are brought to the classroom where a group of 90-150 students practice hands-on interactive science for three days.  La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotarians can and have volunteered to assist teachers with the three-day lab.
Service Above Self Award:  Each month a Preuss student is recognized at the weekly Club meeting and receives a certificate.  This student has been nominated by their teacher or advisor for significantly improving his/her grades, often overcoming significant hardship, while staying dedicated to community service and demonstrating the ideals of Rotary International.  Towards the end of each school year a scholarship is awarded to one or more of the monthly Service Above Self Award recipients for his/her college education.
USD Upward Bound: LJGT Rotary Club contributes “I’m Going to College Gift Certificates” to first-generation and low income high school seniors who are entering college. Club volunteers are invited to the Senior Banquet to award the gift certificate to each senior.