Chairs: Kimberly Schafer
Meets: First Wednesday of the month, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, at Hacienda Bldg. main entrance conference room, 12559 High Bluff Dr.
(Date is subject to change. Members, please confirm with committee chair)
International Service is a channel developed by Rotarians to facilitate and promote international understanding, goodwill and peace. Following are examples of projects that our International Service Committee is proud to undertake to improve quality of life and enhance education around the world.
Click on the map for a larger view of some of the areas we serve around the world.
Afghanistan: One of LJGT’s longest-standing and most enduring partnerships
Rotary projects: Each year LJGT improves the quality of life in Jalalabad through projects with the Rotary Club of Jalalabad and other partner organizations on the ground there.  Click here to view more photos.
Jalalabad Female Sport Association project:   Click here to view photos.

San Diego~Jalalabad Sister Cities: One of San Diego's 16 Sister Cities organizations, SD~Jalalabad focuses primarily on educational and medical projects in partnership with Nangarhar University and its medical school. Other partners include the US Department of State and USAID.
Visit the LJGT Rotary Club Foundation page for more about Afghanistan Projects
Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)
Central Asian Countries (as well as Afghanistan and Iran) share the Aral Sea Basin. The LJGT Rotary Club has sponsored seminars and Master’s Degree level scholarships for young professionals from the Aral Sea Basin Countries to develop technical skills regarding water conflict and diplomacy.
The La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club takes the lead in arranging Rotary Scholarships for young professionals from countries sharing the Aral Sea Basin located in Central Asia. Visit this Rotary Voices article highlighting two of these Scholar Alumni.    Rotary Scholars stay Connected through Water Diplomacy
SAKSHAM:  Located in Central India, SAKSHAM Special School is based on philosophy that, "all children have the capability to learn" despite their special needs. Its mission is to develop children with disability, such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Mental Retardation and Deafness/Hearing Loss, to become independent and productive citizens. While providing medical, mental and physical rehabilitation at a minimal cost, SAKSHAM is a learning center for children that are not eligible for regular school.  ***CLICK HERE to view the photo gallery of their work.
Project Educare: Support leadership training project for students from rural areas, now at Campuchon College.
Global Grant:  Work in progress to create a prevention and treatment clinic for HIV/AIDS in Ubud, Bali.
Mexico: One of LJGT’s longest-standing and most enduring partnerships
Children's Hospital in Tijuana: Once each year a special project or purchase is selected to improve the quality of care to child patients served at the Tijuana Children’s Hospital. LJGT Rotarians are welcome to participate in ceremonies or work parties as they occur.
Ensenada Escuela Primaria Centenario de la Revolucion: This school for grades 1-6 opened two years ago for a high population area in East Ensenada.  The area houses low income families of which 192 children attend the school in year 2010/2011.  La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club provided school supplies, sports equipment and restroom supplies for the children.    
Mercy Hospital Surgical Teams: 
Our club has supported the Mercy Hospital Surgical Teams for over 25 years with funding for bi-annual trips to perform cleft lip and palate and congenital pediatric surgery throughout Mexico.  Our former ISC Chairman, Dr Dennis Bucko, a now-retired Plastic Surgeon, has participated in most of these trips and provided the following photos of some children who have received the benefits of surgical treatment through this program. ***CLICK HERE to view their photo gallery.
SD Zoo visit: Each year LJGT Rotarians host school children from Mexico for a day at the zoo, including lunch.
Clean Drinking Water Filtration Plant: This is a district grant project involving a partnership with RC Pune Sports City, Pune, India (District 3131).  The project will install a drinking water filtration plant for an underprivileged community in Jhang, Pakistan.  The plant will produce 3,000 liters of drinkable water per hour. The purified water, stored in tanks for delivery will benefit 35,000-40,000 residents in the area. Door-to-door delivery of drinking water will be implemented (through a donkey cart system). ***CLICK HERE to view the photo gallery of this project  
Philippines and Guatemala
Providing much-needed surgery to the poorest communities:  Healthcare workers are brought in from America and conduct two weeks of surgery three times/year.  Approximately 150 major and 150 minor procedures are completed each trip.
South Africa 
Literacy Program: Pre-school reading club for the young children of Caro Hills, one of the poorest townships near Durban.  The children will gather to read along with video instruction. 
The Professional Scholarship Program: Established in 2008 to overcome the shortage of trained professionals in the medical and health-care fields.  By contributing to a scholarship, one qualified Tibetan refugee now living in India or Nepal will be able to obtain professional education and then serve their community.
Rotary Scholars, Kroc School of Peace Studies: Rotary Scholars enrolled in the MA program in Peace and Justice Studies at USD’s Kroc School of Peace Studies are either hosted by LJGT as a Host Club, or are sponsored to LJGT events or activities. Occasionally these funds are used for special purchases like a laptop that the Scholar can take home to his or her country of origin, or special training or travel within the US.
Non-Rotary Scholars, Kroc School of Peace Studies: Students in the MA program in Peace and Justice Studies at USD’s Kroc School of Peace Studies are introduced to Rotary through District 5340 events and activities, including District Assembly, District Conference, Rotarians at Work Day and other venues. These funds cover the cost of and/or travel to events, where students interact with D5340 Rotarians. 
UCSD International Café: International students at UCSD interact with LJGT Rotarians, and UCSD Rotaractors (and each other) once a year during this hosted lunch.  USD Rotaract International Service: USD Rotaract students are mentored in International Service projects and activities by ISC members.
Pads On The Border:  International Committee’s newest project comes to life during border visit on May 12.  (Jan Percival and Fara Moini, from LJGT and Mc Kenna Avery, Rotoractor)

When we pulled our car into the middle of Tijuana’s migrant street camp, the call went out quickly: “Mujeres! Solamente Mujeres!” (Women! Only Women!) and within 45 minutes, we finished distributing over 1,200 sanitary pads to a long line of women and teenage girls.
These women and girls are among the 1,500 residents of the El Chaparral migrant camp, just a stone’s throw from the U.S. border. This unofficial – and unwanted – tent city materialized in February, shortly after President Biden’s inauguration. Fleeing violence at home in Central America, Haiti and Africa, these migrants refuse to leave as they wait for a chance to apply for asylum in the U.S.
We visited in order to help relieve the distress of women and teenage girls whose menstruation is a monthly nightmare. With no money to purchase pads and no privacy to wash and dry their underwear, it’s a barbaric and humiliating situation, with the potential to be a public health crisis.
Before heading back to San Diego, we made a second stop at the Templo Embajadores church located in the rugged Scorpion Canyon on the west side of Tijuana. This church-turned-shelter now houses an additional 500-600 asylum-seekers. We quickly distributed clean, new underwear to women and girls, in addition to Pedialyte purchased at Costco in Tijuana. Dehydration is taking a terrible toll on some of the children housed at Templo Embajadores.
We realize that long term solutions are beyond our short-term scope, but we are committed to helping NOW. With support from organizations like Rotary, we hope to continue our deliveries as long as there are women and teenage girls in these grievous circumstances.
Our recent visit was made possible by our alliance with Linda Carroll, co-founder of One Story at a Time, a non-profit that provides humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable people and sentient beings in Mexican border towns. Case manager Maria Lourdes Arias Trujillo (known as “Lulu”) was our guide and translator. A long-time humanitarian activist, Lulu’s compassionate familiarity among the migrants made our visit to the street camp, and shelter, feel non-invasive.