The Quintessential Festival features over 30 of San Diego's finest craft brewers, distilleries and wineries.  Okay in all fairness we have crossed the border to bring you some of Baja California's finest as well which makes this annual charity event even more exciting as a true international festival.  So if you're drinking you need to snack along the way.  Special thanks to the following charity partners for offering their tasty treats:  
Get your beer enthusiast swag on as we're thrilled to have Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life in our beer garden for this year's Quintessential Festival.  From socks to shirts, jackets and hat, bags to beer mugs...yup, pretty sure you can handle your Mother's Day or Father's Day shopping right here at their tent.  Life is too short, live hoppy!  
Nibble Chocolate is handcrafted in small batches from single origin cocoa beans with only two ingredients.  Come taste this amazing organic chocolate, made right here in Sorrento Valley (San Diego) by David & Sandra.  Glad to have them returning.

When you look at the wonderful wineries we have lined up include half a dozen from the Guadalupe Valley region of Baja California the cheese from Simply Cheddar will be simply marvelous.  The cheese ball is terrific, trust us!