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La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club Program/Speaker Process

Rotary Programs
  • The Program Chair (PC) is responsible for booking approximately 48 programs during the Rotary calendar year. 
  • Good programs are the backbone of the club; good programs come from a variety of sources, including club members.
  • During the course of the year, there are about 10 programs that are annual events including the District Governor visit, Teacher of the Year, Holiday Music, Avenues of Service Reports, etc.
Finding Speakers
  • Members are encouraged to refer any speaker or program requests and suggestions to the Program Chair (PC) including contact information.
  • The PC stays current with news, trends, events, technology and any other interest that will make a good program and generate interest from our members.
  • District 5340 has a Speakers Bureau as another means of planning the speakers
Program Booking
  • The La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club (LJGTRC)has a tradition of not including individuals running for public office, those organizations soliciting donations, or selling their materials as program speakers
  • The PC contacts an individual or organization to invite them to be a program and the LJGTRC
  • Once a date is agreed upon, a confirming email is sent to the speaker with directions to the Registration Form Link to complete and upload with their photo and program information.  The Program Team Manager (PTM) is copied all on future correspondence.
  • Additional information in the email includes the confirmed date, meeting time, location, parking instructions, directions to the La Jolla Golden Triangle Marriott Hotel and information about finding the room where the meeting will be
  • There is a goal to have speakers scheduled at least 3 months in advance
Calendar Update
  • The Master Program Calendar will be updated and sent to the program committee members
  • The Club calendar will also be updated via the website manager.
  • Information needed to save on Club Calendar include:  name, date, time, and topic.
  • Name of speaker, brief topic title and location (if different than La Jolla Marriott) is to be added to Club calendar.
  • Members are encouraged to invite guests, potential members to attend the meeting. 
  • A calendar of program speakers and their bio, will be updated on a regular basis on the club’s website
Speaker Information
  • PTM will monitor the upcoming speakers to insure that their information is posted as soon as possible.
  • Once the speaker information is received, it is immediately sent to Ajay Asher who publishes our weekly bulletin
  • If, within 2 weeks prior to speaking date, the speaker has not sent in their information , the PTM will contact the speaker to confirm and ask them to submit their information by a certain date
  • If the speaker is not able to keep the commitment, PC will find another speaker or program.
Speaker Confirmation
  • PTM will confirm with speaker one week prior to their scheduled date
Meeting Day
  • A member of the PTM committee will alert the Front Desk to welcome the speaker upon their arrival
  • The A\V team will work with the speaker to load and test their presentation
  • A member of the PTM team will introduce the speaker to members of the club and invite them to the buffet for breakfast
  • The President or member of the PTM team will introduce the program to the club
The Day After
  • A member of the PTM team sends an email to the speaker thanking them for their program and the interest it generated by club members
2018-19, PC                Bev Fritschner
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